Honorariums & Memorials

Honorariums are a way to show your appreciation for a special someone who has touched your life. Honor gifts are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and other special events.

Memorial Gifts are a beautiful tribute to the life of a loved one or friend who has passed on. Your gift will be a tribute to that special person while giving hope to women in need.

When making your honorarium or memorial donation, please include the contact information of those you would like to be notified. We will send a personalized note to them to let them know of your generosity.

Tribute Gifts

In honor of, Jack & Joyce Williams, by Monica & Bill Baldwin
In honor of, Linda Snyder, by Annette Mainland
In honor of, Kathy Kuskie, by Bella Salt & Sauce Gossett
In honor of, Cindy Noble, by Fran McCarty
In honor of, Leah Stoll, by Kate & John Gaddis
In honor of, Karen Cribby, by Kate & John Gaddis

In honor of, Veronica Barbosa, by Kate & John Gaddis
In honor of, Julie Benjaminson, by Kate & John Gaddis
In honor of, Justin Crane, by Kate & John Gaddis
In honor of, Kate Gaddis, by Alisha Graham
In honor of, Fran McCarty, by Dr. and Mrs. Bob McCarty

Mother's Day Gifts

The following individuals made donations in honor or memory of their mothers or the special women in their life during our 2017 Mother’s Day Giving Campaign.

Joanne & Duke Aschenbrenner
Connie & Marc Brodt
Nanette Dornan
Khileen & James Flynn
Liz French
Kate & John Gaddis
Sally & John Gaddis
JoAnna & Doug Grant
Susan & John Haley
Judy Hartley
Karen & Steven Henderson

Diane & Nat Kinlund
Shirley Lemmex
Lyndy & Mark Lubbers
Anjanet & Chris Mort
Barbara Norrbom
Kathy & Mark Pillmore
Iris Rattenborg
Dianne & Bill Schmitz
Sarah & Tom Sterkel
Theresa Watson
Karen & Don Wood

Memorial Gifts

In memory of, Jane Kanemoto, by Tammy Golden
In memory of, Betty Swenson, by Jane Tipton
In memory of, Jay Knaus, by Mimi Miller Realty
In memory of, Diane Robinson, by Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cavanaugh

In memory of, Ray Wicks, by Dorothy & Dick Karns
In memory of, Evelyn Balch Thomson, by Khileen & James Flynn
In memory of, Glendora Shaffer, by Sherry Cross


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