Working at A Woman’s Work is a humbling endeavor. Day in and day out, we hear stories of individuals struggling – struggling to pay their mortgage after an unexpected downsizing at work, working to keep their electricity on even when they need those funds to pay their deductible for extremely expensive cancer treatments, cobbling together money for a funeral after the unexpected loss of a loved one. Sometimes the staff looks at one another and feels overwhelmed. But, then you, our donors, step in. One donor stops by the office to make her monthly donation to AWW, another calls asking how she can help and she joins a committee, companies make donations. Trips to the post office produce dollars that we can use to help these women in need. One by one, our community rallies around the mission of A Woman’s Work, and together we create a safety net for the women in need in our community.

Banded together, holding hands, the AWW donors and staff help vulnerable women in our community – women who are doing all the right things, but cannot make ends meet due to an unforeseen crisis. Recently, AWW paid the monthly bills of a woman whose husband has inoperable cancer. Both her husband and she have been working, but he just had to stop working because of his pain. AWW also paid the mortgage of a woman who just lost her husband, giving her time to navigate her grief, life insurance, and life without her husband without worrying about bills. Lastly, AWW paid for a ramp for a disabled woman so she can get in and out of her home.

Thank you for being an instrument of change in our community. AWW succeeds only because our donors believe in our cause and continue to support us.

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