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Every day, A Woman’s Work touches the lives of many women. Their struggles are real and heart wrenching. By assisting them when they need it most, we are able to provide hope during a difficult time. Here are few of those stories and those we were able to help with your generosity.

“Amanda’s” husband, the sole financial provider for the family, suddenly passed away leaving Amanda and her four children without financial resources. AWW helped pay one month’s worth of bills for the family, giving Amanda time to grieve and then make a plan for the long-term survival of her family.

Amanda wrote to AWW a couple of months later, saying “thank you for giving me some calm within a storm. Your help allowed me to grieve for my husband and then create a plan without having to worry about my mortgage and utilities payments.”

“Martha’s” mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness and her passing was imminent. Martha needed to stay with her mother during the last month of her life but had to take off work to do so. AWW paid one month of Martha’s bills, allowing Martha to give care and attention to her dying mother.

AWW helped “Jessica” after she tragically lost both of her children in two separate accidents. Understandably, Jessica’s grief has been severe and she has had a hard time holding a steady job. AWW paid her mortgage for two months so that she didn’t have to worry about also losing her home during this tragic time.

“Linda” and her three children had been victims of domestic abuse for several years. Linda built up the courage to leave her husband after he injured their son and broke the front and back windows of Linda’s car. Working with Safe Shelter, Linda was able to leave her husband and start afresh with her children. AWW paid the cost to repair the two broken car windows, giving Linda the chance to use her other income to move into a new apartment.

“Julie’s” husband of 25 years died in a tragic car accident while visiting family out of state.  She used most of her savings on the funeral and the cost of bringing him back to Colorado.  Julie works full-time to support her three children.  A Woman’s Work paid her rent for one month so she could take time off to mourn and provide stability for her children. 

“Dana” was in the midst of a high conflict divorce when her husband suddenly stopped paying the household bills. This placed Dana and her daughters in a position of losing their home, car and health insurance.  Dana had been working part time and was getting ready to begin a new full-time job to support her children.  A Woman’s Work paid her rent, car payment and health insurance for one month to help her navigate this difficult transition.  According to friends, this helping hand lifted her out of a dangerous state of depression and desperation.


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